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Are you excited about starting your journey to homeownership? Does buying a House sound scary and overwhelming? Whatever you answered yes to, do not worry we have agents that can help! It doesn't matter why you landed on this page, we have professional Realtors that can help you achieve your dream. We know that many times challenges will arise during the process and we have the knowledge and experience to work through all of them. We have helped hundreds of people buy their new homes, sell their homes, get pre-approved for a mortgage and even find rentals. We have seen it all! So take a deep breath and give us a call and ask us any questions you may have, we are here to help you. We have helped clients buy every type of house, single-family homes, duplexes, second homes, condos, the list just goes on. We know how important finding the right home is, Afterall it becomes an extension of who we are as a person. We also know that it can be a challenging and overwhelming process but it doesn't need to be. Our team has the experience to make your transaction run smoothly and quickly. Our state-of-the-art search engine allows you to view any home in the area that is listed on the multiple listing service. You have the ability to save searches or get alerts when new homes hit the market. Our agents will be right by your side every step of the way, and we will make sure your experience is a positive one!

Path To Home Ownership

If you are unsure how to buy a home, do not feel bad. There are millions of Americans who have no idea how to even begin the process. So I am going to break it down! 

  1. Have employment for 2 years.
  2. Don't have bad credit. (you do not need great or even good credit)
  3. Talk to a lender about loan options and get pre-qualified for a mortgage.
  4. Save for a down payment. (you do not need 20% down!) 
  5. Find and hire a great real estate agent. 
  6. Find and view homes.
  7. Write an offer. (With your agent)
  8. Negotiate the best terms. (With your agent)
  9. Offer accepted. (under contract)
  10. Inspections. (If you requested)
  11. Appraisals.
  12. Title company will check to make sure the property is free of liens and prepare your paperwork.
  13. You will receive final loan approval.
  14. Close! You will go to the title company or realtor's office, typically accompanied by your Realtor, and sign the documents!

Seem like a lot?.... Well, it is. For many people it is the single largest purchase of their life, that is a big deal! You need to take this process seriously and make sure you check every box along the way. This is why having a great real estate agent is so crucial! They are the ones that can be there so solve any problem that can arise at any stage of buying a home. Please dig around our site and blog to learn all about the home-buying process! Happy house hunting and please let us know where The Kevin Toll Group can help you on your journey to home ownership.

Realtor To Help You Buy Your Dream Home!

Every one of our team is licensed and experienced. Many times when working with a real state agent it feels as if they are pushing you towards a house just to get a sale. On our team this goes against our policies, we don't want to help you find any home, we want to make sure you find your dream home! We will stand by you and search for homes with you, send you neighborhood data, and recommend any necessary home inspections, we do all of that even if it means you end up not buying that home. Until you walk into a house and we hear a deep sigh of relief! We know you haven't found the home for you!

Why Trust Us?

We are a family-owned Business that has been servicing clients for 20+ years. We know what matters, we know how you feel when you have been searching for weeks and haven't found anything, and we know trusting somebody else with this massive decision is difficult. We do not take this matter lightly we will do everything we possibly can to help and support you along your journey. So trust us to help you and we can work as a team to find your dream home!

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