Your New Hosts of American Dream TV: Selling Philadelphia

Welcome to American Dream TV, the show that's all about having a positive attitude, being proud of where you come from, and working hard to make your dreams come true! The American Dream focuses on positive media, a REAL show, not some reality show...

Kevin and Megan Toll are your local hosts of The American Dream: Selling Philadelphia where we feature the stories of our neighborhoods that make living in the Greater Philadelphia Area amazing!

The American Dream, Modern Day media & Craig Sewing go against the grain of the negative nonsense in the media and pop culture, and provide an edgy view, and uplifting message about the simple fact that we live in the greatest country on the planet, and there is no shame in being proud of it!

Our goal is to always Educate, Empower & Engage!

Stay tuned as Kevin and Megan Toll highlight local attractions, restaurants, charities and communities that make living in the Greater Phladelphia area an amazing place to call HOME. 

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